Replacement Blade Kit Rage NC - No Collar

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Replacement Blade Kit Rage NC - No Collar

This includes 3 sets of blades and screws for the Rage No Collar Broadheads

Replacement blade kit Rage Hypodermic NC - No Collar

  • Utilizes cutting-edge finger-like tabs on the blades’ Slip Cam™ pivot point to “anchor” them in place while in the closed position, completely eliminating the need for a Shock Collar, dental band or O-ring, while still providing reliable blade retention
  • Upon impact, the blades instantly deploy to a 2-inch cutting diameter, administering the gaping wounds that bow-hunters have come to expect
  • Hybrid Hypodermic tip with an even narrower profile and needle-like machined stainless steel ferrule
  • 2-Blade broadhead
  • .035" blades
  • No collar blade lock
  • Recommended practice head: Hypodermic 100 grain practice head
  • 3 per package


  • 2-Blade Broadhead
  • 100 Grain
  • Hybrid Hypodermic Tip
  • Machined Stainless Steel Ferrule
  • .035" Blades
  • 2" Cutting Diameter
  • No Collar Blade Lock
  • Recommended Practice Head: Hypodermic 100 grain Practice Head (SKU: R39109)
  • 3 per Package