Rage Hypodermic Practice heads 100gr 3/pk

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Rage Hypodermic Practice heads 100gr 3/pk
Rage Hypodermic Practice heads 100gr 3/pk

These Practice heads are designed to mimic the flight and weight of both the Rage Hypodermic Trypan and No Collar. Great for accuracy and impact confirmation of your RAGE without the the wear and tear on your targets or the expense of blade replacement.

Rage Hypodermic Broadheads Practice Tips 100gr


  • Precision - Rage broadheads are known for their accuracy and their wound channels are legendary
  • Practice Makes Perfect - Rage practice tips work and fly exactly like our field tips
  • Bang for your Buck - Your purchase includes 3 sets of practice broadheads so you never have to worry if you lose one
  • Made in the USA - At Rage, we are proud that all of broadheads are made right here in the USA
  • Rage - Leading the Evolution in Mechanical Broadheads
  • Aerodynamic design

*Practice heads are for practice only.