2 Smooth Hinge Release

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2- Smooth Hinge Release
2 Smooth Hinge Release

The new 2 SMOOTH hinge style back tension release with micro-adjustable head/hook/clicker position.

The new 2 Smoooth hinge style release is the 3rd installment to the Nock On release collection. This hinge has two independent moon adjustments with infinite control of both the speed and clicker length. By simplyl turning two screws, you have the ability to adjust both independent moons to your optimal position. The new 2 finger handle with optimized index hole position allows head position to be laid back to match the draw length of the Nock 2 it and Silverback releases. The compact head of the release has scribed index marks for precise position referencing. It also incorporates dual magnets for auto loading of the hook and head.