Trust The Float Self Mending Archery Target

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Trust The Float Self Mending Archery Target

This target design is customized for learning the tension activated releases and the natural float of your sight pin when learn a dynamic shot. The high contrast green outer ring teaches the archer to embrace the movement within the inner black center while continuing to pull through the shot. The concept is to treat the green ring as you would the white lines on a road when driving. You allow the pin movement within the lines and continue to pull through the shot but as you near the line ease the pin back into the middle just like you would steer a car between the lanes. The drill is to Visualize moving the sight pin within the large green ring and being comfortable with that movement and watch how the groups naturally tighten up as you embrace the float. This target is also awesome for mid to long range visibility. 


All-weather neoprene target that self heals after removing arrows to far outlast paper targets.

16x10x1/8” is sized perfectly for the most popular range and block targets